Vitamin D3 Body Protecting Serum

Vitamin D3Vitamin D3 Protecting Body Serum

All Skin Types • [Classic / Original Formulation]

85% of the population are depleted of Vitamin D3. Those with all skin types, all age groups, all ethnicities and from all climates can benefit from the actions of topical Vitamin D3. Without adequate Vitamin D3 in the skin, the skin will sag, become thin, wrinkled, fragile and unable to offer the protection and immunity that healthy skin should provide. New research shows topical Vitamin D3 on the skin increases protective peptides that help repair the skin and protect it from premature ageing as well as life threatening cancers caused by Vitamin D depletion. Oral supplements completely bypass the skin so daily topical application of Vitamin D3 Protecting Body Serum is essential.